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Conflict Management Coaching
Family Services
Family Group Conferencing
Parenting Coordination
Conflict management coaches help people improve their understanding and skills in dealing with conflict and the negative events in their lives.

$ 75.00 / hour
Dispute resolution helps families explore and define the issues and create solutions that allows their interests and needs to be included.

Once there has been enough opportunity to understand all of the circumstances, family members create solutions (agreements) that meet the interests of everyone involved.

Family Group Conferencing is a restorative approach to problem-solving that involves the entire family in making decisions. Although Family Group Conferencing began in the field of child welfare and youth justice, it is now used in mental health, education, domestic violence, wills and estates, and other family decision-making.

$ 175.00 / hour
Parenting Coordination is a dispute resolution process for parents who are separated or divorced. The use of a Parenting Coordinator is decided by mutual agreement of the parents, outlined in a consent order, or appointed by the courts.

$ 200.00 / hour
Separation and Divorce Mediation
Alternative Dispute Resolution is for you if you want your personal life to stay private, you want to keep costs reasonable, you want to reduce stress, and you want to have say in the outcome. Decisions traditionally made by the courts such as: parenting plans, child or spousal support, and property division can be made by you in Mediation.

$ 175.00 / hour
Family Mediation
Mediation is a form of dispute resolution where families are encouraged to explore and define the issues, and communicate their interests and motivations. Once there has been enough opportunity to understand all of the information, family members are assisted in developing creative solutions (agreements) that meet the needs of everyone involved.

$ 150.00 / hour
Wills & Estates Mediation
The preservation of relationships and satisfying the interests of everyone involved are the most important goals of mediation in wills, estate, and eldercare matters.

$ 100.00 / hour
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