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Resolution of commercial disputes is more commonly achieved through dispute resolution which includes mediation and arbitration.

$ 220.00 / hour for Mediation and $330.00 / hour for Arbitration
A Civil dispute is when an individual has not received an item or service that was promised to them by another individual or company.

A Commercial dispute is when an organization has not received what has been promised or offered to them by another company or organization. Sometimes this can be in the form of a breach of contract or partnership disagreement, for example.

Our dispute resolution specialists are available to help you resolve your civil or commercial dispute without having to go to court or hire a lawyer.
Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where a trained mediator assists parties to settle consumer and civil matters. In addition to accessing court-appointed mediators, private mediation is recommended by the courts as a way of settling disputes prior to entering into the litigation process.

​$220.00 / hour for Mediation and $330.00 / hour for Arbitration
Helping you to ensure a safe and fair workplace. Employers, unions, and employees are encouraged to use dispute resolution to resolve workplace disputes, in fact, labour legislation requires mediation before a unionized workplace can legally strike or lock out.

$220.00 / hour for Mediation and $330.00 / hour for Arbitration
Partnership Settlements
The preservation of relationships and satisfying the interests of everyone involved are the most important goals of mediation in wills, estate, eldercare, dependent adult, and medical care matters.

$220.00 / hour for Mediation and $330.00 / hour for Arbitration
Strategic Planning
Knowing the right thing to do at the right time is key to all business success.  Let our business team assist you in assessment and response to risk and change factors affecting the success of your business.

$220.00 / hour for Mediation and $330.00 / hour for Arbitration
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