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Workplace Solutions
Conflict Management Coaching
Customized Training and Workforce Development
Arbitration is effective when individuals and organizations want to settle outside the court system and are not able to reach agreement on their own.

$ 330.00 / hour
Tackle workplace challenges such as; toxic people, abrasive personalities, lack of organizational policies or goals, absence of opportunities for professional development, poor communication systems, poor management styles, and the perception of limited appreciation.

Our workplace specialists can provide your organization with structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing your company’s most valuable resources, its people. Through training and development, facilitated meetings, policy and systems development, planned change management, and performance management by way of investigations, surveys, mediation, and coaching, our workplace specialists can help you and your organization enhance safety, employee relations, culture, operations, productivity, compliance, and morale. No need to have your own Human Resources Specialists on staff to meet this need, we have the right people for you.
Conflict management coaches help people improve their understanding and skills in dealing with conflict and the negative events in their lives.

$ 110.00 / hour
First-class training solutions that include workshop design and facilitation.​  Workforce development can give your organization competitive advantage by developing its people from within.

$ 220.00 / hour
Conflict Management System Design
Conflict Management describes techniques and processes that work well in conjunction with written policies. Together these systems offer comprehensive ways to deal with everyday conflict and critical situations in the workplace.

$ 220.00 / hour
Meeting Facilitation
Hiring an outside facilitator harvests the best results in gathering information, brainstorming, mind-mapping, recording agreements, and much more.​

$ 100.00 / hour
Violence Reduction Strategies
The threat of violence is increasing every day. Understand and mitigate the risk to your workers and workplace.

$ 220.00 / hour
Workplace Investigations
Employee challenges come in all shapes and sizes such as complaints of harassment, money missing from employee lockers, workplace accidents, and operational sabotage.

$ 110.00 / hour
Labour and Workplace Mediation
Conflict happens often in all work environments. Has conflict created workplace disruptions, lowered productivity and increased complaints in your organization?​

$ 220.00 / hour
Organizational Policy Development
Competing in regional and global business arenas requires appropriate resolution of internal issues with minimal impact on operations.

$ 220.00 / hour
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